The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie)

■  Director: Marc Webb                               ■  Category: Action, Fantasy

A reboot of the first three movies, The Amazing Spider-Man starts over from the beginning.  Overall the plot has remained the same: Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) gets bitten by a genetically altered spider, his Uncle Ben dies, and Peter becomes a super hero.  Unlike the first three movies The Amazing Spider-Man more closely follows the comics; set in high school the movie introduces us to Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) Peter Parker’s first love in the comic books.  Focusing more on Peter Parker then his heroic alter-ego Spider-man the movie has less action then it’s predecessors, but the action it does have is amazingly human, as the well choreographed action sequences use a surprisingly small amount of CG; making Garfield’s Spider-man seem more human then Maguire’s.  In comparison Garfield’s Peter, packed with snark and teen rebellion is almost the exact opposite of Maguire’s humble hero.

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