Mass Effect

■  Platform:      PC/PS3/Xbox-360                        ■   Category:      Role-Playing
■  Publisher:    Electronic Arts                             ■   Developer:    Bioware


The story of Mass Effect spans three entire games, fully fleshing out a vast, almost dystopian galaxy plagued by the same problems we face today, populated by incredibly human characters from a myriad of races.  The balance between the story and game play is fantastic.  The story is deep and involving, the game play, which takes the form of a third person shooter is well balanced, challenging, and intuitive.  Biotics; the equivalent to magic in this universe, manipulates gravity, and the technology is so advanced that that it could be mistaken for magic.  A deep and well recorded history permeates the entirety of the game, manifesting in a codex that covers every topic under the sun, ranging from a list of every planet you visit over the course of the game, to exactly how all those niffy attacks you’ve been shoving down everyone’s throats work. Continue to Review →

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy 13■  Platform:     PlayStation 3/Xbox-360                   ■  Category:    Role-Playing

■  Publisher:    Square Enix                                   ■  Developer:  Square Enix


Final Fantasy XIII is a fairly basic affair.  The focus of the game are the graphics and the story.  Every chapter is summed up in a journalesqe entry, and the history is logged in a constantly updating Codex.  The game play is basic: your party consists of 3 characters, only one of which you control, the rest are maned by an AI.  As the game progresses you gain the ability to switch tactics, called Paradigm Shift, allowing you to switch any team member from an attacker, to a healer, or even a mage, adding an element of strategy to the game.

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