Flash: The Bane of My Existence

Flash is every bit a part of the internet as html is.  From websites to browser games; you’d be hard pressed to find a part of the web that doesn’t use Flash one way or another.  Designers and users alike swear by it’s ability to do anything and everything, and to do it with style.  So why do I hate it’s ever-living guts?  Allow me to impart upon you the wisdom I have gained over the years, in the form of a list.  Because everyone knows list-based articles are the epitome of internet humor.

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Playstation 4 (or so they say)

According to the grape vine over at IGN, Playstation 4 is in development and could be released sometime in late 2013.  Among the laundry list of sordid rumors about the next system is the lack of backwards compatibility and an anti-used game system that would tie purchased titles to your PSN account.  A full list of rumors on the system can be found here at the IGN website.

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