■  Platform: PlayStation 2                               ■  Category: Role-Playing/Strategy

■  Publisher: Atlus                                          ■  Developer: Nippon Ichi


Disgaea first come out in 2003 and at first blush looks like a typical strategy game; there’s a number of classes you can create extra characters in, items to use in battle, and grid-based game play.   After that things get interesting.  The level cap for Disgaea is 9999, and at any point between level 1 and level 9999 you can have a character “reincarnate” and go through the whole leveling process again, but with a huge boost in stats (depending on the level).  If that doesn’t offer enough in game play, there’s also the option of leveling up any item in the game to level 100.  But just in case that wasn’t enough you could also petition for the Dark Assembly for any number of things; from better items in the item shop, to stronger enemies, or if need be, permission to take over the human world.

Oh right….and did I mention the game takes place in the Netherworld?

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