Persona 4

■  Platform: PlayStation 2                               ■  Category: Role-Playing

■  Publisher: Atlus                                           ■  Developer: Atlus


Persona 4 is something of a mix between a dating sim and a dungeon crawler.  Instead of dating though, it’s more like a friend sim.  As you level up your friendships called Social Links you gain bonuses that help you with the dungeon crawling aspect of the game.  That may sound simple, but it’s far from it.  Things get complicated after that.  Very complicated.  The battles themselves are simple; they’re turn-based and menu driven, much like the RPGs of old, you can also set other party members to auto-pilot or manual if you so wish.  At the same time you’re introduced to battle you are also introduced to Persona “Your true self”.   Be prepared for a crash course on Freudian psychology because things only get weirder.  Each team member gets their own personal persona, only the main character can swap out personas, allowing you access to a wide variety of skills.  while that doesn’t sound so hard, how you obtain your personas is.  You get the chance to collect new personas after a battle, if you fuse these personas with others you get newer, and perhaps stronger personas.  I bet your wondering where the dating sim bit fits in.  Well, in order to get higher level personas not only do you have to level up social links corresponding to the persona type, but your character also need to be a least the same level.  The in game tutorials cover the whole fusion system by taking the hands off approach.  Basically you’ve got to more or less figure it out yourself.

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