The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie)

■  Director: Marc Webb                               ■  Category: Action, Fantasy

A reboot of the first three movies, The Amazing Spider-Man starts over from the beginning.  Overall the plot has remained the same: Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) gets bitten by a genetically altered spider, his Uncle Ben dies, and Peter becomes a super hero.  Unlike the first three movies The Amazing Spider-Man more closely follows the comics; set in high school the movie introduces us to Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) Peter Parker’s first love in the comic books.  Focusing more on Peter Parker then his heroic alter-ego Spider-man the movie has less action then it’s predecessors, but the action it does have is amazingly human, as the well choreographed action sequences use a surprisingly small amount of CG; making Garfield’s Spider-man seem more human then Maguire’s.  In comparison Garfield’s Peter, packed with snark and teen rebellion is almost the exact opposite of Maguire’s humble hero.

Did the Movie do what it said it would? Full Star

The Amazing Spider-Man was meant to fix all the problems with the old movies and it does so by bringing the series closer to the comics.  Peter has returned to using Web Shooters instead of the natural ability to shoot webs.  He also got back his snark and he has lots of it.  For a character defined by his wit and self deprecating humor having three whole movies staring an actor completely void of it was a huge problem that I’m glad to see was remedied.

Was the movie enjoyable? Full Star

Quite frankly; yes.  It focuses equally on Parker and Spider-man.  The romance between Peter and Gwen is full of teen awkwardness but still adorable, while Spider-man’s fight scenes are surprisingly grounded but still action packed.  I’m hard pressed to find any flaws in the movie.

Do you think other people will enjoy it? Full Star

I honestly can’t think of a reason why everyone can’t enjoy it.  If you plan on not watching just because it’s a reboot then you’re missing out on a great movie.

Did the movie make you laugh? Full Star

Spider-man has traditionally been a master of witty banter, even calling out villains who don’t partake in his favorite part of the job; and this movie dose an excellent job bringing that back to the big screen.

Did it make you cry? No Star

Sorry to say but it didn’t.  If anything the only death in the movie was more heroic then should be possible and crying seemed like it would be a disservice.

Final Score: Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarNo Star 

I never knew small knives were Spider-mans one weakness…

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