Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

■  Platform: PlayStation 3                               ■  Category: Action, Adventure

■  Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment      ■  Developer: Naughty Dog, Inc.


Uncharted is fairly basic in both game play and story.  While the story isn’t as deep and gritty as say Lord of the Rings, it’s a good story in it’s own right, focusing more on the characters then anything.  Almost as though the game was built, and then some poor mouse was dropped in it and must now find his way to the end.  As a third-person shooter it’s relatively simple with a decent amount of platforming and while the transition between the platforming and fighting is smooth, it is noticeable, giving you a chance to prepare yourself ahead of time.  Whether or not this is intentional or not is hard to say, though there are fights with no transition, making it seem intentional.  Uncharted uses scripted events during platforming and fighting to both impress urgency, and the understanding that you are indeed climbing across a hundred year old building that really is falling apart, so hurry it up already, jeez.

Does the game do what it says it does? Full Star

That it dose, and it does it with panache.  Action and adventure is in abundance throughout the whole game, more so the longer you play.   It can be hard to put down the controller what with all the action, though the platforming offers a short respite from the action, and allows you to enjoy the adventure side.   Although there are quite a number of times when the action and adventure marry perfectly to create extraordinary game play.  Though these glimpses of perfection are few in number, it’s more of a boon to the player then one might think, as the action packed adventure sequences can be exhausting.

Is the game enjoyable? Full Star

Extremely, it’s well balanced and while the story isn’t the greatest, it moves the game along quite nicely.  The action is well paced and engaging, as is the story.  Uncharted has absolutely no flaws that I can think of, though the game is linear, it manages to do a fairly good job of making you forget that it is.

Do you think other people will enjoy it? Full Star

I have no doubt that other people will enjoy it, as a matter of fact I know other people did enjoy it, after all it garnered the title of Greatest Hits from Playstation.

Did the game make you laugh? Full Star

It did, and on more then one occasion.  Sometimes it seems like our hero Drake is something like the butt of a cosmic joke, and his snarky attitude is one of the few privileges awarded him for being such a good sport about it.

Did it make you cry? Full Star

I want to do my best not to spoil anything, but anyone who’s played the game knows what I mean when I say at one point I was hysterical, and not with laughter.

Final Score: Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star

You should totally shoot every skeleton you see.  It won’t be a waste of ammo at all, honest.

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