Playstation 4 (or so they say)

According to the grape vine over at IGN, Playstation 4 is in development and could be released sometime in late 2013.  Among the laundry list of sordid rumors about the next system is the lack of backwards compatibility and an anti-used game system that would tie purchased titles to your PSN account.  A full list of rumors on the system can be found here at the IGN website.

Personally I feel it’s far to soon to be rolling out a new system, even if it’s more then a year away.  After all I only have about 10 games for the PS3, while my PS2 library numbers in the 50’s or so.  Part of the problem is price: both for the current games, and the future console.  I have personally a hard time coming up with $60 to throw down on a game now-a-days.  Hopefully that will change in the future and the anti-used game system will include cheaper games to compensate for the obviously large number of people unwilling to shell out $60 a pop.  Another problem I have is that I’m just not that interested in the games that have been coming out for the PS3.  Graphics aren’t a big factor in what I buy, so having a powerhouse of a system is kinda pointless to me, in the beginning I bought my PS3 mostly for Disgaea 3 and Devil May Cry 4, sure some other games have come along for it since then; like InFamous and Uncharted, but I’ve also bought quite a few PS2 titles during that time, including one of my more recent purchases: Persona 4.  I personally am not ready for a new system, and instead I think I’ll let PS4 pass me by.  There are enough games for the PS2 to keep me happy for years to come, all I need to do is buy them; used of course, but that’s what happens when you stop supporting a console.

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  1. Eek! Couldn’t agree more, don’t know why they put the stupid vita or download only psp out either.
    Hopefully there’s nothing to some of these rumors.

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