So remember that promise I made way back?  Like 3 weeks ago?  The one about posting a new page every week?  Remember how I completely failed to post a comic the very next week?  Yeah, I figured one no noticed.  But in the spirit of maintaining anything that even seems like an actual web comic I’ll have to give you the low down on what happened last week:


Windows decided it hates Photoshop.  It also hates Open Canvas 1.1 and Coral Painter.  So basically all of my art programs.  I know Windows has a vendetta against all of my art programs because it spent a good part of last week crashing them anytime I tried to use one.  I finally got fed up and asked help to diagnose the problem.  Help kindly informed me that my art programs were using suspicious amounts of memory and had decided to run anti-virus protocol.  So Windows took it upon itself to crash the ever living shit out of it and never tell me why, all the while reporting it as a bug.  After a few restarts it seemed like everything was fine….


…Until Coral turned into a memory whore.  Completely out of no where Coral is now unable to do virtually anything.  It took me 2 days just to do the line art, because every 5 strokes it would lag like a mother, making an agonizingly slow line that insisted on ruining everything, forcing me to undo it.  So the next page is on it’s way out, it should be done today if all goes well and Windows doesn’t go Hitler on Photoshop again…


And so I shall give you all fair warning: my “every week” may become “every other week” if I can’t figure out what the hell is wrong with Windows.